Specializing in digital retouching since 2007  Over the years i’ve worked closely with professional photographers and agencies worldwide Depending on the photographer and the work at hand, the process can be done either based on my personal aesthetic standards or according to the particular demands of the client.

I have edited Product photos for Dove – Neutrogena – Graymelin – Vidal Sassoon – Procter&Gable – Dubey&Schaldenbrand – Vari Hope – 9W – Casio – Nissan – Ponte Vecchio and more

I have retouched Fashion Shots for H&M – Alexander Wang – Yohji Yamamoto – Helmer – Rebecca Taylor – UGG – Hybrid – Rui21 – Wacoal – Kenta Matsushige and more


If you’re searching for a professional retoucher and for a long-term partnership feel free to contact me .

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